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Open:8 Sep. 2023 at 10:00 UTC+00:00Close:13 Sep. 2023 at 09:59 UTC+00:00
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Web3 Social network and NFT marketplace


o-mee OME
Total supply
800,000,000 OME

What is O-Mee ?

O-MEE is a cutting-edge platform that blends a social network, NFT marketplace, subscriptions, rewards, and engagement tools to empower Web3 creators and users. Its mission: democratize Web3 access, elevate creators' work, and ensure a transparent digital creative space.

Key Features and Model:

NFT Marketplace: O-MEE hosts an NFT marketplace with a fair, fixed-rate commission structure for trading digital assets and artwork.

NFT Drops: Exclusive NFT drops allow artists to showcase collections and connect with buyers.

Subscriptions: Creators can optimize their experience with Bronze, Silver, and Gold subscription tiers, offering benefits like reduced fees, increased rewards, and exclusive access.

Rewards: Users earn $OME tokens through activities like trading, engagement, referrals, and staking, fostering participation and platform growth.

Clubs: O-MEE Clubs help users create interest-based communities for collaboration and monetization.

Gamification: Features like XP leaderboards, lotteries, and airdrops promote active participation.

Use Cases of $OME

1. Subscriptions & Memberships tiers

2. Gamification

3. Platform services

4. Rewards

5. Lottery

6. Staking and Governance

7. Premium Features

8. Boosting NFT visibility.

9. Utility in Clubs area

In summary, O-MEE offers a multifaceted platform with NFT trading, subscriptions, rewards, and blockchain technology. The $OME token plays a central role in enabling transactions, engagement, rewards, and potential governance, creating an active ecosystem for users. Note that token functionality may evolve with platform development.

Vesting Schdule

100% Unlock at TGE for this round

Token Charecteristics

Token Type: ERC-20

Blockchain Network: Polygon

Max Supply: 800,000,000

Initial Circulation Supply: 16,000,000

Initial Circulation Supply Market Cap: $800,000

Token Public Round Market Cap (Fully Diluted): $40,000,000


Jared Walker - CEO

Mitchel McKeown - COO


The refund policy on this token is applied. If the token drops by 50% in the first 48 hours of token listing the users who havent sold or moved the tokens from the wallets addresses used to participate in the sale will be refunded once there tokens are returned.


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