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Deposit Period
Open:31 Jan. 2024 at 11:00 UTC+00:00Close:1 Feb. 2024 at 10:59 UTC+00:00
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Open:1 Feb. 2024 at 11:00 UTC+00:00Close:6 Feb. 2024 at 12:00 UTC+00:00
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Forward Protocol

Forward Protocol

The AI Powered no-code platform to deploy dApps, Blockchains or Subnets


Forward Protocol FORWARD
Total supply
5,000,000,000 FORWARD

What is Forward Protocol ?

Forward — The AI-driven, no-code solution for building and deploying dApps, blockchains, and subnets with ease. Inspired by WordPress’s simplicity, Forward allows seamless deployment on over 800 EVM & Rust compatible chains. No technical skills required.

Use Cases of $FORWARD

  • Pay for protocol fees and developer fees by the dApp deploying user
  • Pay for the validator fees by the blockchain or subnet deploying user
  • Pay for blockchain or Subnet annual fees for Forward Factory (like Runcloud)
  • Pay for gas tokens of Forward Chain and subnets (Like self hosting)
  • Non-reward staking to be part of the Developers’ DAO to earn from approving/declining developer submissions to earn rewards from developer’s income (sourced from the payment by the deploying user to the developer)
  • Non-reward staking by a developer to commit and be able to deploy templates on Forward Factory. On non-compliance to the standards set, the stake may be used for penalizing (like a security deposit)
  • Delegate to a validator
  • And other protocol-level utilities

Vesting Schedules

The community who invest in the Public Round Token Sale will be subject to the vesting schedules, this is as follows:

Public Round

Price: $0.012

Vesting: 15% unlock at TGE, 3 Months Cliff, 3 Months Linear Release (6 Months total vesting)

Seed: 8% on TGE/3 months cliff/Daily

Linear Unlock for 6 months after that (9 months total)

Private: 10% on TGE/3 months cliff/Daily

Linear Unlock for 3 months after that (6 months total)

Team: 12-month cliff/Daily Linear release for 24 months (36 months total)

Advisors: 3 months cliff/Daily Linear release for 6 months(9 months total

Public Round Tokenomics

Token Allocation (%): 1.17%

Tokens Allocated: 58,333,350

Token Price: $0.012

Total Round Raise: $700,000

Fully Diluted Valuation at Public Round: $60,000,000

Number of Token Released at TGE: 8,750,003

Allocation % Released at TGE: 15%

% of Total Tokens Released at TGE: 0.18%

Released at Listing: $105,000

Marketcap at Round: $1,573,800

Token Charecteristics

Token Type: BSC20

Blockchain Network: Binance Smart Chain

Max Supply: 5,000,000,000



Karnika E. Yashwant, Mitch Rankin


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