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Deposit Period
Open:27 Mar. 2024 at 11:00 UTC+00:00Close:3 Apr. 2024 at 18:59 UTC+00:00
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The Free2Play turn-based strategy game packed with chess-like depth and ever-evolving battles against AI-controlled bots and NPCs. Choose your path to glory!


Codyfight CTOK
Total supply
127,000,001 CTOK

What is Codyfight ?

Codyfight is the Free2Play turn-based strategy game packed with chess-like depth and ever-evolving battles against AI-controlled players bots and NPCs. Choose your path to glory - lead Codyfighters in every battle or evoke programming excitement with your trained AI bots.

Use Cases of $CTOK

The game economy is fueled by $CTOK, which serves as the utility token and in-game currency to repair CFighters, hire Pilots, and purchase CKeys & CTickets to enter competitive leagues. More CTOK utilities and burn cases are planned along the game development.

Highlights Of Codyfight Progress

2 years of game development and 6 months of live Alpha testing

Launched a fully functional web-based game playable via PC, mobile, and API;

7,500+ registered players, 10+ gaming guilds;

Players already deploying AI bots that play via API;

Over 6M+ games played across all game modes;

200,000+ games played in the competitive league.

Game economy simulation LIVE;

Blockchain-API with Digital Identity - a framework for any web2 game integration with blockchain (under development with partners)

Activated 500+ collaborations and over 150 AMAs with gaming and web3 communities;

Built a vibrant community with over 12,000 members on Discord and 66,000 on X.

Game builder platform (Minecraft / Roblox for AI gaming) MVP already LIVE

Educating people on how to build AI bots: testing Learn2Code MVP

Vesting Schedule

The community who invest in the Public Round Token Sale will be subject to the vesting schedules, this is as follows:

Public Round

25% Unlock on TGE

2 Month cliff then 15% every month following

Token Charecteristics

Token Type: ARB

Blockchain Network: ARB

Max Supply: $CTOK 127,000,001

Initial Circulating Supply (at TGE): $CTOK 6,000,750

Project Valuation at TGE: $20,320,000.16

Market Cap at TGE: $960,120.01

Key Partners

Codyfight has built various great partnerships within the cryptocurrency space, current partners include:

Backed and advised by founders & C-Suites of Travala, DeRace& other notable projects.

DAO Maker, Chain GPT Pad, LD Capital, Evangelion, Impossible Finance, Icetea Labs, GameFi,, MEXC Global, Digital Strategies, Raptor Capital, SL2 Capital, Decubate, Basics Capital, DWEB3, Metrix Capital, KYROS Ventures, Wings Ventures, Kirin Fund, Chain Capital, UG Ventures, Polychain Monsters, MAO DAO, Metagg, AlphaCoin Fund, EM3DAO, NFTrade, Hello Capital and more.


Andreas Jaskausas - Founder & CEO

Danas Girdauskas - Founder & CTO

Andrius Bukauskas - CGO

Karolina Gineityte - Marketing Manager

Tomas Balsys - Game Deisgner & Dev Lead

Vinicius Martins - Front-end & Blockchain Dev

Jonas Balkevicius - Senior Game Artist

Lester Jun Magbo-o - Community Manager

Adomas Juodisius - Strategic Advisor

Adelaida Sinkevic - Marketing Advisor

Danas and Andrius are the visionary founders of Codyfight. With Andrius's software engineering expertise and Danas’s immersive gaming experience, they have crafted a game that revolutionizes how tech-savvy individuals explore their creative potential. As Chief Growth Officer Andrius turned to a third founder bringing marketing brilliance and team-building acumen to drive Codyfight's success.


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