Bad Egg NFT Lottery

Bad Egg NFT Lottery

Win an NFT from the Bad Egg Co collection!

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Bad Egg

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Purchasing more tickets boosts your odds of winning NFT, with your tier level determining the maximum allowable per wallet.
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Upon the ticket sale period's conclusion, winners will be chosen at random and awarded NFT from the proceeds.
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Each winning ticket awards a specified amount of NFT, claimable after the winner selection process concludes.
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Bad Egg NFT Lottery

Bad Egg NFT Lottery

Bad Egg NFT Lottery!


NFT Bad Egg

What is Bad Egg?

1,500 NFT's Freshly hatched by Toikido and fully sold out at Mint

Currently Trading at 0.35Eth/NFT

Darran Garnham, Chief Egg is the brain behind franchise like Pokémon, Toy Story, Jurassic Park, Minions, VeeFriends, & Among Us

Seven-figure invested renowned entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk

About Toikido

Profitability from Day One: Established Toikido as a profitable enterprise right from its inception.

Significant Business Growth: Achieved a revenue growth of over 500% in the second year of trading and aims to reach over £100 million by 2026.

Expansion to International Markets: Successfully launched Toikido products in over 75 countries, selling over 20 million toys within two years.

Establishment of a Second Headquarters: Opened a U.S. headquarters to cater to growing demand in the Americas.

Strategic Commercial Partnerships: Formed key alliances with top global entities like Netflix, Skydance, Apple, Among Us, PMI, VeeFriends, Character Options, IMG, and Ladybird.

Robust Investment Attraction: Secured a substantial seven-figure investment from renowned entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk and worked collaboratively with the wider VeeFriends team to successfully launch VeeFriends toys into the market.

Toikido launched Piñata Smashlings™ last year to great success. Designed and developed in-house, its toy range was featured in Walmart's prestigious 2023 "Top Toy List," and its global licensing program now extends across 30 countries.

Sale Info

Sale Type: Lottery

Ticket Price: 50,000 $LBP

Chain of Sale: Ethereum

Chain of NFT: Ethereum

Winning ticket will be airdropped NFT to the wallet used in the sale

Loosing tickets are none refundable.

Purchase tickets for the Raffle using $LBP on Ethereum Network. 1 Ticket = 50,000 $LBP

The winning ticket will be announced and the winner will be airdropped the NFT!


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